A World Without Sound

My uncle, after falling ill as a child, became deaf-mute, leaving the world of sound. I spent several days with him this summer (in rural China, where he lives) in silent communion. Continue reading


All About PhD Applications

Hello friends! I’ve been meaning to write this post ever since I completed the entire grad school application cycle, and I’ve finally gotten around to it (in time for the beginning of the next cycle, yay!) 🙂 My earnest hope is for this post to shed some light on the application process, especially since it seems a little black box-y when just getting started.

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Navigating Neuroscience at Rice

Disclaimer: This is a page I wrote back in 2016 before the neuroscience major at Rice was finally approved in December 2017. Some of this information is still useful, so I thought I’d leave it here for any future students who are interested in more of a computational path into neuroscience. 

“What I wish I had known as a freshman.” This page is dedicated to the advice I would give my first-year self as an undergrad interested in neuroscience. Continue reading

New Blog!

Hello all, happy new year, and welcome to my fresh new blog! I used to blog sporadically in various forums, but decided to make more of a conscious effort to blog more consistently in 2018. I hope to bring a variety of content, including (but not limited to) science, productivity, music, book reviews, and travel. Stay tuned!

– Lucy