Goodbye, 2018!

White Mountains, NH

2017 was life-changing, but 2018 was nothing short of a rollercoaster. In 2018, I read, wrote, learned, traveled, made big decisions, took risks, and invested in many relationships that were important to me. 2018 brought this sense of urgency in everything that I did. Perhaps it was the sentimental feelings that came with graduating, or even just the general desire to seize my youth, but I felt that there was just so much to learn, to see, to process, and to grow towards, and that I needed to do it all now.

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Navigating Neuroscience at Rice

Disclaimer: This is a page I wrote back in 2016 before the neuroscience major at Rice was finally approved in December 2017. Some of this information is still useful, so I thought I’d leave it here for any future students who are interested in more of a computational path into neuroscience. 

“What I wish I had known as a freshman.” This page is dedicated to the advice I would give my first-year self as an undergrad interested in neuroscience. Continue reading